Recently I attended a Womens Leadership Conference which made me reflect on the ECEC Industry and the inability to give staff flexibility in their work.

As it is clear that if you aren't giving your staff some flexibility in when and where they work, you likely are going to have a tough time attracting top job candidates moving forward, as new research finds.

The study from ManpowerGroup Solutions revealed that nearly 40 percent of job candidates worldwide said schedule flexibility is now among the top three factors they consider when making career decisions.

"Workplace flexibility as a talent management policy is no longer an option; it is an essential practice that enables employers to attract and develop skilled talent," the study's authors wrote.

The research found that choosing when they start and end their shifts and being able to work from where they want are the two most desired types of flexible workplace policies for employees. Specifically, 26 percent of the employees surveyed said flexible arrival and departure times are most important.

If we look at this research we know that it is very true for Educators and Teachers being able to fit in with family is of upmost importance and then a rotation of late and early shifts can be the answer or finding that those without children prefer the later shift and those with, the early shifts. We also need to look at shift times do they all need to be the set 7.5 hours or is two shared shifts of 7 till 12 and 12 till 6pm more suitable.

Are there any good role models of Leadership and HR practices that you can share?